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Rookie Training

TKO is back for more fun activities for the 2022-2023 season. Our members have planned out an agenda to create an engaging learning environment for the new rookies. Some of our plans include hosting introductory meetings explaining what we do as an FRC Robotics team, giving an overview of our many departments, and demonstrating how everyone works together and utilizes their own skill sets to help the team succeed in competitions.

Last year, the members of TKO were split into two teams: the FRC team and the JV team. The FRC team—a select group of mostly upper-class veterans and leads—builds robots for the FIRST Robotics Competition. The FRC team prepares and participates in this competition every year. The JV team, with both new and former members, creates smaller robots that will compete in competitions within the robotics team. They are trained in their chosen departments, which are later split into smaller teams with a mix of each department in each team. The newer members will get prepared for the FRC team as they build more experience through the JV team.

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