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Build Season 2023 - Week 7

As the seventh week of the Build Season concludes, our members continue to work together on our FRC and JV robots.

This week, the Mechanical Team made progress on assembling the intake.

The Electronics Team is getting the supports installed for the intake, adjusting sensors, and rerouting the telescope after the cam mounts are installed. Additionally, the team continued to work on their LED project that was started last week.

Programming members have also been hard at work on the robot. They are focused on fixing coms, to the dashboard roborio, with the use of network tables.

The Media Team continues to update all members of team activities and progress through the weekly blog and Instagram posts. In addition, they are working on getting the new team website up and running!

The Design Team has wrapped up their designs for posters and buttons.

The JV Team is starting to build the arm of the robot. They will continue their work on the electronics plate and code for the JV robot.

Check in again next week for more TKO updates!

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