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Build Season 2023 - Week 5

Our fifth week of the Build Season has just begun! JV and FRC teams have finished manufacturing parts of their respective designs and are working together to improve their robots.

Mechanical is currently working through some new ideas and, accordingly, redesigning some parts of the robot such as the intake and motors.

The Electronics Team is working alongside the Mechanical members to enhance parts of the robot.

Programming finished the robot’s cone radar and arm kinematics, which works following the post-NASA test. Members are continuing their work on the synthetic data project that was started the previous week.

The Media Team is working on updating everyone through the team's Instagram and weekly blogs.

Design finished TKO competition T-shirts, hoodies, and polos, which will be available to purchase for a limited time. They are continuing their previous work on making buttons and designing posters.

Outreach made Mitty Minutes to advertise National Engineering Week, which begins next week!

The JV Team is putting motor controls on their robot’s electronics plate and velcroing other components.

Check in again next week for more TKO updates!

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