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Build Season 2023 - Week 4

We have just entered our fourth week of the Build Season! JV and FRC teams are finished with their preliminary designs, and all parts are being manufactured.

Mechanics is putting some finishing touches on their assembled pieces and is creating a detailed CAD of an arm for the robot. In addition, some members are assisting other departments by collecting various parts for them.

The Electronics department is implementing sensors and encoders for the robot and is taking care of various electronics-related needs.

Programming is making great progress, as the driver station is nearly complete, and the first trials with 3D models for synthetic data were performed last week. Our programmers are also programming motor controls and arm kinematics with smart motion oscillation. Lastly, the robot’s cone radar is currently in development.

The team website and Instagram are continually being updated by our Media Team.

Design is working on a Mitty Minute, a school-wide informational video announcement to advertise this year’s competition, build school spirit, and garner support for the team. They are also creating buttons to give out in this year's competitions.

Outreach is also creating a Mitty Minute. They are focusing on promoting National Engineering Week, highlighting various engineers and our very own mentors, which starts on Sunday, February 19.

The JV Team is working on building the chassis and constructing the e-plate for their robot.

Check in again, next week, for more updates!

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