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Build Season 2023 - Week 3

We are in Week 3 of Build Season, and the FRC and JV team has made significant progress in building their robots.

The Mechanical subgroup finished CADing the elevator and is now starting to assemble it along with the gearbox. Also, they are putting the finishing touches on the intake and doing some soldering.

Electronics continues to work on its plans for wiring the robot. So far, they have mapped out the places for components on the e-plate and worked on wiring.

Programming is conducting its first experiments with vision data, and they are nearly finished with the driver station. The team is also developing computer vision, helping make our robot reveal video, and writing kinematics robot code for subsystems.

The Media team is monitoring the website status and updating the Instagram page.

Design is currently working on making team pins, buttons, and T-shirts.

Outreach is working on a poster of our mentor, Howard, and creating a Mitty Minute for Engineering Week.

The JV Team is continuing to design this year’s JV robot and is still working on their electronics plate. Programmers are starting to write code and expand upon their knowledge of pseudocode from last week.

The FRC and JV teams are working harder than ever as the assembly process for the robot is progressing into the third week of Build Season. Come back in week four to see how far we’ve gotten!

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