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Build Season 2023 - Week 2

Week 2 of Build Season has come to an end. The FRC team is making final decisions for some CAD designs, and mechanisms are starting to take shape.

The Mechanical subgroup is finishing parts of the planning stage, making a CAD for our robot’s elevator. Mechanical is also making progress with construction, thanks to the arrival of new parts. They are working on the crow’s nest, the robot arm, and various subsystems that make up the robot.

Electronics is in the last stretch for creating the drive electronics plate. With the e-plate nearly complete, the group is tidying up the chassis and preparing the spares for future construction purposes.

Programming is working on the code for various parts of the robot, which includes developing the cone radar and fixing the code for the shooter. Additionally, the swerve drive is now functional, thanks to the efforts of our programming team. Lastly, the new attendance system is also finished, and the assignments for the subsystems code will be arranged soon.

The Media team is working on completing the weekly blog posts of the team’s progress in the upcoming competitions and updating our Instagram.

The Design team has finished designs for the team hoodies and is currently working on designing pins, buttons, T-shirts, and pit posters.

Outreach is interviewing various members of the team to be featured for National Engineering Week.

The JV Team has started to make progress with their robot. Members of the JV Mechanical team spent time researching and designing the JV robot, while JV Programmers are learning about writing pseudocode. Lastly, JV Electronics members are making an e-plate of their own.

As the second week of Build Season comes to a close, the FRC robot’s designs are essentially complete! The assembly for this season’s robot will slowly ramp up in progress as we get through the planning stage. Check back next week for more updates!

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