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Build Season 2023 - Week 1

The 2023 Build season has finally arrived for the FIRST 2022-2023 competition, Charged Up! We’ve just finished Week 1 and the FRC group is creating designs and starting preliminary assembly processes with the help of our mentors, while the JV team is starting their own project designs for their mock version of an FRC competition.

The Mechanical subgroup is focusing on the chassis components before moving to subsystem assembly. This week, Mechanical made progress on various aspects of the chassis: assembling the swerve drive, cutting drive tubes to size, and routing drivetrain gussets.

Electronics is creating a test ePlate for the swerve drive, as well as working on an electronics board. Additionally, the department uses CAD files to plan wire routing to accelerate the assembly process as the robot starts to take shape.

Programming is already making headway on multiple projects. This includes working on a trapezoidal motion profile, planning autonomous code, and creating a new driver's display station. Members of the department are also using the swing GUI human player LED lights and working on the cone and cube radar. Lastly, a new attendance system was created to maximize the accuracy of the sign-in/out process.

Media is working on creating blog posts and updating our Instagram page to keep all members in the loop about the latest team news and activities.

The Design team is brainstorming designs for the team merchandise for this Build Season. They are making various drafts for pins, buttons, T-shirts, and posters to display our team spirit. Design is also working on updating hoodies and other on-season merch in addition to designing pit posters for competitions.

Outreach is gathering information for National Engineering Week, during which the team will host events to heighten awareness of the finer details of the field.

While FRC is preparing for the upcoming FIRST competition, the JV Team will start building a smaller robot in the coming weeks that will help them gain experience for when they join the FRC team and participate in competitions in the future.

As we reach the end of our first week, the design phase for our robot is almost complete! Soon, we will be done with the prototyping and can start assembling the robot for this season’s competition, Charged Up!

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