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Build Season 2022 - Week 8

We are now in our eighth week of Build Season! With most components of the robot nearly complete, the team is working to complete the remaining sections and assemble the robot.

Subsystems are still assembling their respective parts and testing them. Intake, Climb and Shooter are assembling, testing, and adding to their mechanisms. Conveyor is working on the ejector for the robot. Field Elements is assembling the driver’s station and making progress on CADs, for various projects, such as the battery cart.

The Programming team is working on their code for the autonomous award and working on a path simulator. They also helped in testing components and mechanisms such as the intake sensor and conveyor in addition to training programming members of the JV team.

Electronics is wiring the robot. They are finishing pneumatics and are working on wire routing as well as camera mounting, air tank mounts, and sensor wires.

Outreach is preparing for their next project: a Women in STEM panel. Design has started to prepare for the upcoming FIRST competition with making spirit posters for the red and blue alliance during competitions. They are also working on their other projects like buttons and sponsor stickers. Media is adding to the team Instagram and blog, providing updates on the team’s progress through the course of the season.


The JV Team is preparing to dosafety training for some members while continuing to make progress on their respective projects with assistance from mentors and the FRC team. Mechanical members are continuing work on their CAD, while the electronics members are testing the chassis and preparing to do work on the shooter. First and second-year programmers are making fixes to their code with help from FRC programming.

As the competition season approaches, the team is in the home stretch, with the robot nearly complete. Next week, we will have more updates, and perhaps some competition news!

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