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Build Season 2022 - Week 7

We are now in our seventh week of Build Season! With the robot coming together, each department is starting to test and install their respective mechanisms onto the chassis.

Subsystems are working on their respective mechanisms and are quickly getting through the assembly stage. Intake is assembling and adding parts to their mechanism. When reviewing their design, they also changed their CAD for a passive retraction. Climb has been busy finishing installing their mechanism and are also creating the bumpers. Conveyor is still working on assembly and is now testing their mechanism. Field Elements is working on the battery cart CAD, adding vision tape, and assembling the upper hub. The Shooter group is continuing manufacturing. They are working on pulleys, the polycarb on shooter, and have added a plastic hood.

The Programming team has been working on their code and testing it on the robot in addition to assisting the JV team in their programming exploits.

Electronics is wire prepping and working on assembly. They are also beginning to wire the robot with pneumatics, tubing, and conduits.

Design has finalized the design for our competition t-shirts and continues to work on designs for various forms of TKO merchandise, including the buttons and posters.

Outreach finalized and distributed posters around school for National Engineers Week along with playing Mitty Minutes in the school announcements.

Media is making updates to the team blog and Instagram page as Build Season progresses.

The JV Team continues to work on their projects while being taught by the FRC team. Mechanical members are working on their CAD, while the electronics members are attaching the battery box to the chassis. The FRC team is teaching first-year programmers more about the robot code while the second-year members continue to work on code for the old color spinner mechanism.

Come back next week for more updates!

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