Build Season 2022 - Week 6

Updated: Feb 26

We are now in our sixth week in Build Season! Some parts of the robot have reached completion in the fabrication stage, but each department is still manufacturing parts for the robot.

Some subsystems departments are finishing manufacturing their respective areas while others continue to make progress. Intake finalized their CAD and is continuing manufacturing. They are troubleshooting and are almost finished assembling. Climb has finished hardstops and is working on mounting and adding surgical tubing. Conveyor finalized their ejector CAD and their ejector BOM. They are continuing to manufacture. Field Elements is working on the battery cart and hub. The Shooter group is continuing manufacturing. They are working on pulleys, the polycarb on shooter, and have added a plastic hood.

The Programming team has been coding path following and testing. They have also been working with and teaching the first and second-year JV students.

Electronics is mounting and wiring up pneumatics and doing wire routing and other wire prep work. Additionally, some members of the department have been assisting the JV team with putting electronics together on their chassis.

Design is continuing work on designs for various forms of TKO merchandise, including the competition t-shirt, buttons, and posters.

Outreach is doing a design review for poster designs and reaching out to other teams to collaborate on a student panel for National Engineers Week.

Media is continuing to work on updating the team’s Instagram and blog.

Business has finished their submission for FIRST’s Chairman’s Award, which honors the team which best represents FIRST’s mission and serves as a model for other teams.

The JV Team continues to work on their projects, while being taught by the FRC team. Mechanical members are working on their CADs. Electronics is learning how to put electronics on chassis and is now finishing their projects with this new information. First-year and second-year programmers continue to learn from members of the FRC Programming team, while second-years also work on the color wheel.

Stay tuned for more updates​​!