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Build Season 2022 - week 5

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

We are now in our fifth week in Build Season! All designs are now being manufactured and all parts are being assembled.

Subsystems are working on manufacturing to complete their individual parts. Intake continues to manufacture and assemble. Similarly, Climb has attached their mechanism to the conveyor’s structure and continues to assemble and 3D print parts. Conveyor is working on the main structure assembly. Field elements has been working on the hub assembly. The Shooter group began manufacturing and assembling the outer hood and has placed their assembly on the conveyor mechanism.

Programming has finished the code for several mechanisms and is currently working on path following and motion following and creating the drive station CAD. They are also helping the JV programmers with their various projects.

Electronics this week is testing many parts including the main chassis, metal tanks, pressure switches, and compressors. Just like Programming, Electronics is also helping JV students. They are also wire routing and labeling and logging all pneumatics components as they go.

Design is continuing work on the design for the TKO competition T-shirt and will use a printer to see how the design looks on a physical shirt before finalizing it.

Outreach is doing a design review for the Black History Month and National Engineers Week poster.

Media continues to update the blog page with updates on build season progress and posting on the team Instagram page to exhibit some of the best moments from the team.

Business/Writing has completed the submission for the FRC Dean’s List award and is now working on a submission for FIRST’s most prestigious award, the Chairman’s Award, which honors the team which best serves as a model for other teams and represents the mission of FIRST.

With the FRC team putting their finishing touches on their tasks, the various departments of the JV Team are continuing work on their own projects. Engineering members acquired a chassis and are currently working on designs. Electronics took a look at the chassis and is figuring out where to put electronics with assistance from leads in the form of a design review. First-year programmers continue to learn from members of the FRC Programming team while second-years have been working on programming a color wheel.

Check back next week for more updates​​!

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