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Build Season 2022 - Week 4

We’ve reached Week 4 of Build Season 2022! Mechanical departments are currently manufacturing and testing mechanisms while other departments continue to make headway on their own projects before competitions begin.

Our subsystems groups are in the very last phases of CADing and are now assembling parts. Intake is making necessary modifications to their CAD and began manufacturing. The Climb group is continuing working on the BOM (bill of materials) and manufacturing. The Conveyor group is now starting to assemble the main structure of the climbing mechanism, while making modifications for their BOM. Field Elements are continuing to design battery carts as they wait for their parts to finish the hub. The Shooter group is going over parts and inventory. They are now beginning to start manufacturing.

Programming is working on their code, the drivers station CAD, and auton. They are also teaching JV and newcomers about coding.

Electronics is testing the chassis and various other components, including compressors, regulators, and pistons. Additionally, they are integrating pneumatics systems and advising the JV team with their electronics needs.

The Design team is continuing to design posters, t-shirts, and buttons. Most of their designs are in review now.

Outreach is continuing its preparations for National Engineers Week and outlining plans for the next Women in STEM panel. More information will be coming about this soon.

Media is continuing to make updates to the team Instagram page and writing the weekly blog post to highlight TKO’s efforts during the build season.

Business is editing and finalizing submissions for the FRC Dean’s List award, which honors students that display outstanding dedication and leadership, as well as the Woodie Flowers award, which celebrates mentors with effective communication in engineering and design.

After weighing the pros and cons of each design, the JV Team decided that the mechanism that they are going to focus on is the double flywheel shooter. After a lecture from Howard, one of our mechanical mentors, about physics, mechanical and electronics members set to work designing the shooter and figuring out the math. Meanwhile, the programming students continued to work on their individual projects, taught and led by our veteran members.

We will be back next week with more updates!

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