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Build Season 2022 - Week 3

As we finish the third week of the 2022 Build Season, TKO is in the last stages of robot design and is about to start building the robot.

Our various subsystems groups are improving on their progress from last week. Intake resolved their spacing issues, and are now working on refining their assembly and implementing changes using reviews to finish CADing. Conveyor is finishing their CADs from reviews and are beginning work on the ejector CAD. The Shooter group has finished their CAD and are now getting their CAD reviewed. They are also finishing their BOM (bill of materials) and 3D printing spacers. Field Elements created and assembled the hanger needed to test the robot’s climb. While working on it, they needed to order materials, adjust hole heights, and reinforce holes. The Climb group worked with physics calculations and are working on their fifth climb. They have also started finalizing mounting on the design and the BOM.

The Electronics group is working on figuring out the schematics for the robot, finishing the mounting, and working on the wiring for pneumatics and chassis.

Programming is working on the drivers station and vision testing, and they are also testing on the new chassis. They will continue to get their code approved by the mentors.

Design is tweaking the designs for this year’s competition T-shirt, buttons, as well as other TKO merchandise, and working on coordinating their designs.

Outreach is continuing their preparation and making posters for National Engineers Week, with a focus on Black History Month.

Media is working on the weekly blog posts as well as updating the team’s Instagram page to showcase the team’s progress during the build season.

The JV Team is learning the basics of soldering and continuing on their three designs. Earlier in the week, first year students were taught about FRC programming while others programmed the color wheel. Now, the JV Team is preparing to review what they have learned and narrow down ideas for what they will be making.

Next week, we are hoping to make progress on the mechanisms. We will be back next week with more updates!

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