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Build Season 2022 - Week 2

Now in the second week of the 2022 Build Season, TKO is close to completing design reviews and plans to commence production for our mechanisms in the near future.

Our various subsystems groups are improving on their progress from last week, revising their original CAD designs and models to ensure that our robot is functional and effective.

Chassis has almost completed their CAD design, aiming to finish by next week, and has finished assembling a working chassis. The Intake group is making revisions to last week's CAD designs for their part of the robot. The Conveyor group is finalizing changes from the previous week’s designs. The Shooter group is finishing implementing improvements to their group’s designs as well. Furthermore, the Field Elements group is placing orders for materials to start building the numerous parts of the field in the coming weeks. Lastly, the Climb group is still revising their design from the previous week and working to find a way to create a more effective mechanism, performing various physics calculations and implementing their revisions as part of the process.

Electronics is determining how to make clean and effective wiring throughout the robot. Eventually, the department will wire all of the different subsystems together, each requiring different conduits to use. Additionally, progress is being made on the robot’s battery cart.

Programming is testing vision, practicing driving, and helping Electronics with the driver station CAD.

Operations is continuing where they left off last week, with Design still drafting ideas for buttons and the competition T-shirts for this season in addition to various other projects. Moreover, Outreach is making posters for National Engineers Week with a focus on Black History Month, which runs from February 20 to 26. Media is also keeping up with their own activities, working on blog posts as well as regularly updating the team’s Instagram page with images of the team’s progress as the season progresses.

The JV Team is still tweaking designs for the shooter they plan to make and learning the ropes of what is required when participating on the FRC team. Members who are part of Mechanical are still designing their shooter mechanism and have not reached the CAD phase of the process yet. JV Electronics is learning how to crimp and solder to get comfortable with the work involved with wiring and related activities. First-year programmers are being taught how to debug their Romi kits while the second-year students are programming a color wheel.

With the majority of our design reviews nearing completion, we are looking to begin manufacturing our mechanisms next week. Stay tuned for more!

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