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Build Season 2022 - Week 1

The 2022 Build season has finally come! Even though COVID has created some complications, we just finished Week 1 and dove headfirst into the game for the FIRST 2021-2022 season, Rapid React! Currently, the FRC group is reviewing designs with the help of our mentors and getting ready to begin production, while the JV team is making progress on their own project for the spring semester.

Chassis is completing their CAD designs for the robot and has finished building the frame of the chassis. Due to the team working remotely on some days, the department is split into different breakout rooms, each having their own responsibilities.

Most of our subsystems groups are still in the design phase of robot production for this year’s game, but are gradually making progress to get started on the robot. The Intake group is working hard to create a mechanism for grabbing the balls off the field. Subsequently, the Conveyor group is working on their CAD design for another part of the robot, which will use rollers to transport the balls from the intake to the shooter. The Shooter group is also working on their CAD, which will launch the balls to score points. The Field Elements group has finished their designs and is now working on constructing the physical field. Lastly, the Climb group is designing a hook and winch climb to support the weight of the robot for 5 seconds after the game concludes to earn extra points.

Electronics goes through the FRC’s CAD designs and integrates wiring into the designs. They are also researching battery cart designs and finding inspiration to create their own design for the competition and are currently naming one of the batteries.

Programming is working on a 6 ball auton while also testing and working on programming the robot to follow paths. They are also working on programming each subsystem as the designs are coming in and testing the team’s electronics.

Operations is designing artwork for this year’s competition. They are making pins, posters, t-shirts, and more artful fun! In addition to designing TKO gear for this season, the department is also making preparations for the rest of the season, including various other media projects.

While FRC is preparing for the upcoming FIRST competition, the JV team is building a smaller robot that will help them gain experience for when they join the FRC team and participate in competitions in the future.

The JV Team is working on designs for the shooter they are making. There are three parts: flywheel, double flywheel, and the catapult. So far, members of the team have yet to begin their CAD design, but they are quickly approaching that stage.

As we reach the end of our first week, the CAD designs for our robot are almost finished! Soon, we will be done with the preliminary design phase for our robot for this season’s game.

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