Build Season 2020 - Week 6

We’ve almost reached the end of Week 6! We are continuing to make progress on the mechanisms of the robot.

Chassis has mounted our major mechanisms on the robot while still being able to make a robot that fits in the trench run. Good job!

Shooter and turret assembly has been completed and now we are refining Color Wheel has finished assembly and is continuing to test the mechanism, working on color vision with our field elements. Climb is making modifications to mechanism for the hang-type strategy. We are currently trying to solve issues with belt-skipping.

Electronics is almost finished with the production of the e-plate and the pneumatics plate for the robot, we are currently assembling plexiglass and plastic

Programming is working on vision, pneumatics, and color wheel code.

Outreach finished our display for National Engineers Week. Well-crafted and refined, it is currently on display in our school's foyer.

Online Media is continuing with social media posts, our personal business sheet, and a new student portal.

This week, we are proud to announce our competition schedule for this season! Our first competition of the year is the Sacramento Regional, held from March 25-28 at the UC Davis Activities and Recreation Center. Our second competition is the Silicon Valley Regional, held from April 1-4 at San José State University's event center. This information can also be found on the Calendar and Our Competitions pages.

That's the end of Week 6! Stay tuned for more progress on the robot, as well as other news!