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Build Season 2020 - Week 5

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

We’ve reached the end of Week 5! Mechanisms are almost complete and ready to go.

Chassis has completed their assembly, and are now just waiting to see if any modifications are needed for more efficiency.

Color Wheel group has finished manufacturing all parts for the mechanism. They are almost done with assembly and have successfully tested the mechanism with pneumatics. Shooter is done perfecting the power and accuracy of the shot for this year's game. Climb is working on parts for a hang-type strategy.

Electronics has finished the preparations for the e-plate and started to manufacture. They worked on the pneumatics plate, cut most of the wires to length, and repaired batteries.

Programming is working on code for the vision in the shooter and color-detection in the color wheel.

Outreach decided on a tree-like design for the National Engineers Week display. They are compiling statistics on college majors and graduation outcomes to include in the display.

Online Media added the TKO Safety Animation to the Videos page. Additionally, the Outreach page has been updated with information and pictures from this year's FLL qualifier that we hosted this year and our informational video from our Chairman's Award application.

With that, Week 5 comes to a close. Stay tuned for more weekly updates!

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