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Build Season 2020 - Week 4

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Week 4 of Build Season 2020 has just wrapped up! Mechanisms are continuing to be manufactured and assembled. By next week, we are hoping to have our mechanisms close to completion.

Chassis has manufactured 3 chassis, one with falcons providing more torque and power in competition.

Color Wheel group is almost done manufacturing parts and is halfway through making the mechanism assembly. The prototype for color vision is completed. Shooter has finished manufacturing, and now are fine-tuning the shot. Climb is figuring out how to mount the completed mechanism on the first chassis with a plate and is currently working on machining parts.

Electronics started to cut wires to length, soldered motors, and completed the rest of the preparations for the e-plate. The e-plate is scheduled to be manufactured next week.

Programming is working with Limelights so our robot can automatically point itself in the right direction for a near-perfect shot.

Public Relations is finished with submitting the Chairman's Award! Additionally, graphic designs for TKO t-shirts and buttons are in development.

Outreach is planning content for the display that is planned for National Engineers Week this February.

Our robot is starting to come into shape! Check back for more updates!

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