Build Season 2020 - Week 3

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

The 2020 robot is coming into shape! The chassis is welded and mechanisms were manufactured and assembled during this week.

Chassis has completed making two chassis, so drivers and mechanical can work on the robot at the same time.

Color Wheel manufactured and assembled parts, and they plan to have the mechanism complete soon. Shooter finished their design reviews and CAD. They started preparing material for manufacturing and also plan to have the mechanism done soon to begin testing. Field Elements has finished making all of the field elements, which are now available for testing purposes.

Electronics has received dimensions for the e-plate and are finishing their work on the CAD for the e-plate. They also started to prepare all of the necessary components for the e-plate.

Programming is tuning vision for the high goal for this year's game, which is coming along smoothly.

Public Relations is continuing work on applying for the Chairman's Award. Competition t-shirts as well as other TKO wristbands are also in the works and will be finished by the time competitions roll around.

Outreach reserved space for the National Engineers Week display and are planning content for this year's display.

Online Media has been improving the layout of the website, posting on social media, as well as continuing to write these weekly blog posts.

Next week, we are hoping to make more progress on the mechanisms. Stay tuned for more information!