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Build Season 2019 - Week 6

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

We’ve almost reached the end of Week 6! Mechanisms are complete and the robot is assembled. On Tuesday, our robot will be bagged for competition.

Chassis completed the first chassis. The second chassis is almost complete, but it still needs pneumatic gear shifters.

Hatch Panel completed and tested the mechanism. Cargo is adding limit switches and optical sensors, but is otherwise complete. Climb is making modifications to extend the length of its skis and requires more testing.

Electronics is almost complete with all three plate pieces completed and only one left to mount. Additional wiring and routing is required.

Pneumatics connected the compressor, air tanks, and pneumatic shifters.

Programming completed PID on the hatch panel, tested cargo and climb, and is also testing drive code and working to implement Vision.

Public Relations has completed the Disney Club Mitty Minute, and is painting additional TKO baubles and holding our first digital art workshop (Adobe Illustrator) on Friday.

Outreach finished compiling statistics and the overall design for the display for National Engineers Week. They are adding final photos and preparing to print. The display is expected to be set up at the end of the week.

Website fixed minor issues with scaling the FIRST logo and completed blog posts for the first weeks.

This is it! Stop Build Day is two days away, and TKO is eagerly awaiting competition season!

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