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Build Season 2019 - Week 5

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

We’ve reached the end of Week 5! Mechanisms are almost complete. By next week’s update, our goal is to have the finished robot ready to bag.

Chassis is almost finished welding the first chassis and started building the drivetrain on the second chassis. They have completed one set of bumpers with one set left to go. They plan to finish the first chassis and drivetrain on Tuesday.

Hatch Panel group has finished manufacturing all parts for the mechanism. They are almost done with assembly and have successfully tested the mechanism with pneumatics. Cargo is almost done with manufacturing and assembly of the intake. They have started welding and mounting the intake. Climb helped to make a set of bumpers.

Electronics has finished the e-plate CAD and started manufacturing the e-plate. They worked on the pneumatics plate, cut most of the wires to length, and repaired batteries.

Programming is continuing to test PID on the slider. Vision calculations are working and Programming is implementing vision into subsystem code.

Public Relations is painting TKO baubles and creating a Mitty Minute for a collaboration with the Disney Club. They completed last week’s digital art Mitty Minute and are planning workshops to train new digital artists.

Outreach decided on a tree-like design for the National Engineers Week display. They are compiling statistics on college majors and graduation outcomes to include in the display.

Website completed the team art gallery, team statistics animation, calendar timetable, and biographies for two of the mentors. They are still refining content for the rest of the mentor biographies and media galleries.

We have one week left of build season!

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