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Build Season 2019 - Week 4

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

We’ve reached the end of Week 4! Mechanisms are continuing to be manufactured and assembled. By next week’s update, our goal is to have a complete robot.

Chassis finished attaching gearboxes to the first chassis and started jigging the second chassis. They plan to have the drivetrain completed by early next week and then start bumpers.

Hatch Panel group is almost done manufacturing parts and is halfway through making the mechanism assembly. They plan to have the mechanism done by early next week. Cargo has prepared all materials for manufacturing with the CNC. They plan to assemble the intake on Tuesday with gussets and finish machining parts for the mechanism next week. Climb is figuring out how to mount the completed mechanism on the first chassis with a plate.

Electronics started to cut wires to length, soldered motors, and completed the e-plate design. They will start manufacturing the e-plate next week.

Programming is continuing to test PID on the slider. The drive code is complete and has been tested on sleds. They are currently working on vision.

Public Relations is painting TKO baubles and creating a poster and Mitty Minute for a meeting to recruit digital artists in collaboration with the Newspaper Club.

Outreach is planning content for the National Engineers Week display.

Website is also working on finishing and refining content for the “About” and “First” tabs. The website is live!

Only two weeks of build left! We’re almost there!

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