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Build Season 2019 - Week 3

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

The 2019 robot is now real! The chassis is welded and mechanisms were manufactured and assembled during this week.

Chassis got the chassis back from Drake Welding and finished assembling gearboxes and wheels.

Hatch Panel manufactured and assembled parts, and they plan to have the mechanism complete soon. Cargo finished their design reviews and CAD. They started preparing material for manufacturing and also plan to have the mechanism done soon to begin testing. Climb finished the manufacturing and assembly of the mechanism and are testing on platforms. Field Elements placed plastic on HAB levels; all field elements are now complete!

Electronics received e-plate dimensions and are continuing to work on the CAD. They started to prepare all electronics components.

Programming is testing code on the slider, camera capabilities on the 2016 chassis, and vision on the 2018 chassis.

Public Relations is continuing work on the TKO baubles. The competition t-shirt is now available for purchase on the Lion’s Den!

Outreach reached out to reserve space for the National Engineers Week display and are planning content for the display.

Website re-organized tabs, finished content for the About Us page, and linked the team calendar to website. They are aiming to launch a preliminary version of the website this week!

As we approach the second half of the 2019 Build Season, our goal is to have our mechanisms complete by next week.

We’re halfway through build season! Only three more weeks to go!

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