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Build Season 2019 - Week 2

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

As we enter Week 2 of the 2019 Build Season, TKO is starting to get a physical robot together!

Chassis finished manufacturing and jigging the chassis. They are waiting to get it back from sponsor Drake Welding and are preparing materials (gearboxes and wheels) to be more efficient in the assembly process.

Hatch Panel completed the CAD assembly and are resolving issues with sensor placement (limit switches). They ordered materials and are beginning to manufacture parts. Cargo completed two design reviews. They are almost done with ordering materials and have prototyped rollers. Climb ordered materials and are beginning to manufacture parts on the CNC mill. Field Elements finished the rocket ship and only have the cargo ship to go!

Electronics is awaiting dimensions for the electronics plate (e-plate) and is working on an e-plate CAD. They laid out general areas for components. Additionally, Electronics helped to test pneumatics and deconstructed an old robot for parts.

Programming completed an official requirements review. They fixed issues and had an informal follow-up review, and are now awaiting a final review to double-check changes. Code is ready to test once the mechanisms are complete.

Public Relations performed a quality assurance check on the painting of the mascot helmet and TKO headband baubles. They completed the competition t-shirt design and sent it to Mitty’s apparel shop, the Lion’s Den.

Outreach is starting to plan a foyer display for National Engineers Week in February. They also researched a variety of food options for Friday dinners now that proportions have evened out.

Website is working on the “About” and “Media” tabs of the website in preparation for the next design review. The front page of our website is complete!

We’re officially one-third of the way through build season!

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