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Build Season 2019 - Week 1

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

The 2019 Build Season is officially in full swing! TKO began by making significant design decisions. The following design strategy won the popular vote during Kickoff. We wanted to prioritize completing important tasks effectively and efficiently:

We decided on a low robot with mechanisms to manipulate the hatch panels and cargo. Our focus will be on the bottom level of the rocket and the cargo ship. Additionally, the robot will be able to climb to the second platform (6” tall).

Chassis completed 3 design reviews. Parts have been ordered and the schedule for fabrication and assembly is being worked out. They are manufacturing parts with the help of sponsor Lux Manufacturing. The CAD is complete! Additionally, they restored pneumatics on two old chassis for Subsystems to prototype with.

The following 3 mechanisms make up our subsystems: Hatch Panel, Cargo, and Climb. The Hatch Panel group finalized the mechanism concept and prototyped on an old chassis. They completed the basis of the hatch panel CAD and are making fixes from mentor and team feedback. Cargo re-designed the original mechanism concept and changed the design from a four-bar linkage to a two-bar linkage (arm). They are finalizing dimensions and working on the CAD. Climb prototyped concepts on an old chassis and completed the CAD. They tested on and successfully scaled a 6-inch curb. Field Elements finished first- and second-level platforms and are continuing on the cargo ship.

Electronics delegated members to each mechanism for vertical integration. They are testing e-plates and working with Programming on test fixtures.

Programming updated FRC software and hardware to the 2019 system. Preliminary code, requirements, and test plans are complete, and they are testing code for the hatch panel subsystem on a pneumatics test fixture and a slider mechanism.

Public Relations completed the 2019 competition t-shirt and button designs and assembled the mascot costume for the first time. They are now working on creating headbands for spirit wear.

Outreach helped to construct two VEX robots for a Sacred Heart Nativity School volunteer session next week. They also determined the schedule for an alumni forum at Mitty.

As we reach the end of Week 1, the robot is almost out of the design stage and we’ll be moving into fabrication. TKO has had a hugely productive start to the 2019 Build Season!

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