TKO has been active in reaching out to our local community. We prioritize visiting Sacred Heart Nativity School's after-school robotics club to mentor the younger generation. We help the kids understand various aspects of building a full-fledged robot, including the various mechanical, electrical, and programming processes. After teaching the basics of robot building, we take time to build a miniature VEX bot with the children, guiding them carefully as they learn and develop their skills. By using hands-on techniques, the kids both gain and retain knowledge. In addition to visiting Sacred Heart Nativity School, we also hosted an FLL qualifier this year on the Mitty campus. It was such a resounding success that we are looking to host more qualifiers in the years to come.


Tenacity, Knowledge, Opportunity. TKO makes sure to spread our knowledge to our surrounding community, inspiring kids to explore the STEM field. 

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fll qualifiers 2019


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