Faculty & Mentors

Cathy Leather

Mrs Leather started her career as an Art Director for both television and video post-production companies, working in Louisville, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. She later held product positions in technology companies that developed hardware and software for digital video applications. She worked with Apple Computer, promoting the release of Quicktime and running a training seminar with Apple Computer at the AFI in Los Angeles. She was the Marketing Product Manager for the product that would eventually become Adobe Premiere. Later, Mrs. Leather worked for On Command Corporation as Director of Interactive Development and Production, and for Cisco Systems in the Emerging Technology Division.

Mrs Leather teaches Animation, Graphic Design and Photography. This is her third year as Mentor for the AMHS Robotics Team. 

Stephanie Federwisch

Stephanie graduated from Mitty in 2007. Afterwards, she graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction. During her undergrad, she worked on EteRNA an online game that crowdsources RNA research to help advance medical science. She now works at Google and attends all of TKO's meetings and provides insight as a dedicated programming mentor.

Chris Loos

Mr. Loos currently works for KLA, a company that develops industry-leading equipment to enable innovation in the electronics industry. Recently, Mr. Loos has graduated from UC Davis, where he was exposed to the engineering design process. While he was at Davis, Chris worked with CNC machine and product design. He is proficient in CAD, CAM, CNC operation, fabrication, assembly, as well as a host of other abilities that greatly benefit TKO.

Chris Fairley

Mr. Fairley earned a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science, and Master of Engineering from Dartmouth College and a teaching credential from Santa Clara University. His industry experience includes designing high precision machine tools at Lawrence Livermore Labs, designing antenna controls at TIW Systems, designing wafer inspection systems at Tencor Instruments, Ultrapointe, and KLA. Mr. Fairley has been teaching at Mitty since 2003 and was a founding mentor of TKO.