2019-2020 Departments


Subsystems creates the mechanisms of the robot that interact with the environment. This often entails moving, shooting, placing objects, or climbing different structures. The division focuses on the design process and fabrication. Subsystems uses computer aided design to plan out mechanisms and uses power tools and a CNC mill to make them a reality. There are usually around three subsystems per robot accomplishing different tasks.


Chassis is primarily focused on designing and building the chassis. Chassis also builds and implements gearboxes and motors into the chassis to have a sled, which is a robot that drives. Through collaboration with electronics to organize the robot’s electronics, subsystems can be mounted and integrated smoothly with the rest of the robot.


Electronics is responsible for developing and deploying the electrical system. Electronics works as an interface between programming and mechanical divisions, to carefully design electrical systems to meet the needs of robot mechanisms and software.


Programming is in charge of the software aspect of the robot. Using Java, Programming codes motor controllers, pistons, and sensors to control the robot’s mechanisms. Most recently, Programming is transitioning from the code editor Eclipse to VS Code and IntelliJ and revamping the rookie teaching curriculum to ensure that the rookies can be more confident in coding.

Public Relations

Public Relations focuses on team marketing and awareness. Filming video announcements, designing team apparel, and boosting team spirit are just some of PR’s tasks. The current focus is creating a mascot suit to use at competitions and team events.  PR also contains the Animations group, which works on school video announcements and makes submissions to animation competitions.

Online Media

Online Media focuses on maintaining and keeping this website up to date. Online Media specializes in design, content creation, and animations through Wix. Online Media is also responsible for keeping our team's social media accounts up to date while also learning photography and videography.


Our Outreach department helps connect our robotics team to both other robotics teams and organizations outside of robotics. Our current focus this year is to start establishing new connections outside of FRC, such as helping spread STEM to a wider audience.


Leadership is the liaison between students, mentors, and contacts outside the team. The president (center) oversees the entire team, working with sponsors, operations and the mechanical side of the team. The vice president of engineering (right) runs all mechanical departments and the vice president of operations (left) oversees the operational side of the team.