Archbishop Mitty50title

Founded in 1964, Archbishop Mitty is one of the private Catholic high schools located in the San Jose Diocese. Our team, Mitty Robotics, is not only a FIRST team, but a club at Mitty. The school provides the major funding to run our team and the physical facilities to hold meetings and build our robot.

BAE SystemsBAE-Inspired-Logo

BAE is a sponsor that helps cover a large portion of our FIRST FRC registrations fees through their FIRST grant program.

Drake Weldingdrakewelding

Drake Welding provides a wide range of industrial and commercial welding services, ranging from racks for trucks to water tower repairs. Drake donates their time and materials to Mitty Robotics to weld our chassis together.

EMC2 CorporationEMC-Logo

The EMC2 Corporations helps us with the reduction of our FIRST registration fees through their grant program, which help enables us to compete in FIRST FRC competitions with less financial burdens.

Gorilla Metalsac77ff79739b8202a3d87407106b5e92

Gorilla Metals supplies our team with a variety of metals for each of our robots and other projects. In addition, they help advise each of the team’s projects in order to help make a successful robot.

Googlegoogle logo

Google helps us by providing a large grant to assist us for our financial registration needed to go to our competitions.


HSC Electronics Supply!!d3D1Gw!3M-$(KGrHqIOKioEtkZMb(DjBLmEPnQEO!--_11

HSC Electronics Supply was started in 1963 (as Halted Specialties Co., thus the “HSC”). Today, HSC buys and sells surplus electronics, from wire and LEDs to test equipment. They provide our team with store credit for our Electronics supplies.

Intuitive Surgical, Inc.Intuitive_gray_PMScolors_2061x792px

The inventor and manufacturer of the “Da Vinci Surgical system,” Intuitive Surgical is a company that sponsors many FRC teams. They provide the Mitty Robotics team with monetary means in order to compete.

IPI PlasticsipiPlastics

IPI Plastics is a plastic retailing store in the Bay Area that sells various types of plastics. Their products come in many different materials, sizes, and thicknesses. Our team uses their plastics, our favorites are delrin and lexan, on our robots and side projects.



JetBrains offers us amazing development tools like WebStorm, IntelliJ, and PHPStorm for free for us to use towards website development as well as other coding projects.



LUX Manfacturing

LUX Manufacturing provides us with machining services. With the machines they offer, LUX also mentors our members and instruct them as to how to operate the machines.



Microsoft provides us with development tools, Microsoft Windows, and Office Suites through their Office for Students and DreamSpark programs.

Mike Schmit

Mr. Schmit is a mentor who helps us get different parts of the robot water-jetted.

Proxy ITlogo

ProxyIT manages leased server space for companies who need websites, production infrastructures and web-enabled businesses. They generously host our team website, and they have donated computers to Mitty Robotics.


VALIN Corporation


VALIN is a constantly expanding company that excels in “technology, energy, life sciences, natural resources, and transportation industries.” A sponsor of the Mitty robotics team, they provide us with materials, used both on and off the robot.